Designer and couturier, Janice & Benita had an early enthusiasm for haute couture as they found a rich repository of inspiration in their mom, a self-taught designer. She instilled a belief in fierce independence and artistic integrity. Delve further, Janice & Benita believed to have inherited something of her eye on things, her fondness and attachment for nature, to human connection.

Honing their design senses and skills in London Savile Row, they began to build their reputation in the fashion industry as bespoke pattern cutters and tailor aficionados. It is this precision and skill that continues to define both bespoke suitings on offer at the brand – which then brings them to Milan, Italy to deepen their knowledge in both men’s and womenswear.

In 2016, they debuted MAQUINN which was named after their younger sister. The brand, which is rooted in contemporary culture and longevity of design, had the privilege to stand in the most anticipated shows at Milano Fashion Week in september 2020, MAQUINN unveiled their Spring-Summer collection in Palazzo Visconti. The brand was recognized on Forbes Asia 30 under 30 : “The arts list”.

In addition to their allegiance to craftsmanship and attention to features, Janice & Benita advocates authentic values of research, regenerating cultures forward with modernity & power, and innovative repurposing that aligns impeccably with MAQUINN’s philosophy of opulent ease.