The creative process behind this season emphasizes woman strength, vulnerability, and emotion comes in alliance in an empowering way.

πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ continue to reveal the couture levels of craftmanship behind its construction, deftly employing the house idiosyncratic of sharp tailoring and haunting elegance to dramatic possession. By passing down a profound respect for hand-craftmanship, the house delivered the spirit and essense of the work behind its doors. Reemerging their distinctive features, πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ reinterpretating sillhouettes and reuse plants to generate a creative renewal.

Implementing recycled plastic sequin materials into the SENSORIA pieces is an ongoing development in the atelier. This time, the bold tones play intricately on textures, the transparant blue sequins were there to recall the fully conscious sensuality of the female figure. This ultra feminine piece with a touch of exoticism in its assymetrical cut fully corresponded to the wonderful impression of invicibility.

A handful of voluminous pleated baloon piece was an apt metaphor for the new silhouette birthed by πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ. Initially came from the intention to explore the body’s motions and form, the house unfolded the art of pleating and adding the charm to the piece by incorporating luminous embroideries blooming that embodies renewal to perfection.

The art of amalgamating nature with modern silhouettes : πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ known for their devotion to juxtaposition of textiles and embellishment, the house incorporated concept that human has an adjacent bond with nature, existed within a complex ecosystem through the creative use into wearable art wrapes around the body.

A change of materials used to democratise the prism of Haute Couture due to enormous skill and emergence of using unseen waste, πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ experimented newly developed fabric birthed from raw sources out of plant-derived sustainable piΓ±a leaf fibre substance. The entire process required as many people from harvesting, extracting the fibre to the knotting of the strands until artificial dyes.

Inspired by a timeless romance and reminiscent of an opulent world that pulls the seat of sensation, πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ experimented with amidst of playful colors. Encapsulating the brand’s dedication to artisanal feature and perpetual elegance, the house offers an antiquated twists of multiple shades of pink and skyblue predominates the pallete, adding a tint of an occasional solid purple. Bringing magic to life in its whimsical gown, the piece is illuminated with hand-beaded multicolored sequinns, drapped laser cut detailing and pleated polyamide tulle cape skirt that re-envisage modernity.

There is a charming echo in the silkly reflections of plumage, MAQUINN relied on shade of orange and a rich palette of greens to evoke the story, while beaded sequins were abundantly used in rows of playful colors all around the top. In addition to their luxurious detailing, flamboyantly painted feathers punctuate the waist to elevate grace and allure, sumptuous pleats of a delicate fabric shape the iridescent reliefs of wings and scintillating patterns in movement. Finally, rich flowers applique is accentuated on shoulder to recall the secrets of flowering and the mastery of nature’s perfection.

Reflecting the abundance of flora, light and ecstasy. A fine multiple layers of tulle build up an invigorating colors enliven and expressed by an anthology of radiant silhouette. The couturiers compose intertwining petals or entwine the bodies with grace on which luminous embroideries are blooming vividly, encapsulating the wonders of imagination and the beauty of flora.

Meant to provoke an explosion of joyful colors, the optimistic and inventive colors are de rigueur. The piece is complemented by an exquisite pattern and sensual curve, cuts that put into sight of a woman’s greatest assets. Revealling a virtuoso of the couture craft, πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ again proven the line between fashion and art aren’t equivocal.

Bonded & wrapped, futuristic and somehow ancient. Corsetry with a red velvet tulle occasionally swaddled round the body miraculously resulting in a windblown drapery and skewed by jaunty assimetry bearing a resemblance of a mumified cleopatra. The design ensembles entirely embroidered with sequins cascading down the body, multicolored swarovski crystals applied to indulge in pure sparkle, all twisted by noble materials. For the aim to striking a balance between dream and nightmare, πŒπ€ππ”πˆππ plays the conquistadors of another era in bewitching atmosphere.